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We accept Visa and Mastercard as forms of payment. 

Etransfer to Please include invoice number in the notes.

Password: hdblooms


Do you provide planters in addition to the arrangements?

Yes. We are happy to suggest and provide planters (additional fee) that fit your needs. We can supply and deliver them after determining what is appropriate based on the size and style of your home or business.

How do I care for my arrangement?

We will provide simple care instructions. We make sure that planters are appropriate for the season and the amount of light that the planter gets. If any of your arrangements does have issues, you can give us a call and we will stop by to take care of the problem.


Can I choose what I want in my planter?

We will note your preferences during our consultation and will certainly honour any requests for specific flowers and colours (subject to availability), as well as requests to avoid certain flowers.

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