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Seasonal Planter Care Instructions

Updated: May 17

Your beautiful seasonal arrangements have been delivered and you are pumped! Follow the

directions below to increase the longevity of your arrangements throughout the season.


Your beautiful Winter Arrangement is a combination of Live and Everlasting greens and stems. Continue to water 2-3 times over the next two weeks. Water during Chinooks as the greenery will last longer if the stems are frozen in.


Your beautiful Live Summer Arrangement needs daily watering in the morning, and if in full sun, in the evening as well. Fertilize once a month with a general 20-20-20 all-purpose

fertilizer and deadhead to ensure constant blooming throughout the summer.

Depending on where you planter is located, watering levels will vary, as with extreme weather variations. We suggest peeking under foliage and checking how wet the soil is every couple days to ensure water needs are being met or if plants are getting too much.


Your beautiful Spring/Fall Arrangement is a combination of Live and Everlasting flowers/plants. Please water on a regular basis to ensure longevity. We suggest every 5-7 days. If unseasonably warm, more frequent waterings are suggested.

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