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The Differences Between Buying Flowers from a Florist and Flowers at a Grocery Store

Contrary to what some people think, flowers aren’t all the same, and the source of your flowers can affect their quality. Grocery store flowers are quite different from flower shop flowers. There are pros and cons to purchasing them at either place, but where you buy depends on your personal preferences. However, it’s important to understand the difference between the two. We like to think of it as a fast food joint vs a locally owned high end restaurant.

Price and Selection

Flowers and/or floral arrangements from florists are categorically more expensive than those from the supermarket. However, this price can be explained by their quality and freshness. On the other hand, grocery store flowers are cheap and readily available. Grocery stores also have a smaller selection of floral arrangements. This smaller selection is accompanied by a limited variety, meaning all of the bouquets are set and can’t be customized. Florists, however, offer a wide variety and large selection of flowers, we go out of our way to source interesting, fresh, seasonal blooms as well as some gorgeous exotics you won't see elsewhere. Plus, you can customize the arrangements as you like to fit any personality or occasion.


For the freshest flowers, you should contact a florist like HD Blooms directly. Florists offer products that are fresher and stay fresher longer. This is because these flowers are professionally processed, which means their treated with special food and water, kept at the right temperature, stored in the proper lighting, cut in a certain way, and so much more. Plus, florists offer tips for caring for the flowers and keeping them fresh after they leave the shop.

Contrarily, supermarket flowers aren’t processed and don’t receive proper treatment. So, they’re less fresh and don’t last long after leaving the store. They are stored at room temperature, often in their shipping packaging and sometimes include rotting material. They’re also stored near fruits and veggies, which emit ethylene gas. This gas causes the flowers to wilt faster. If you need fresh flowers for a special occasion, it’s best to order from a florist


It’s a florist job to be an expert on flowers (we're obsessed with them!). It’s also their job to help you find the best flowers for your occasion, give you advice on how to care for them, and answer your questions. In fact, providing you with the best bouquet is their top priority. We love to create art with our blooms and obsess over each and every stem to ensure it is showcased in it's most beautiful way. So, it’s almost certain you’ll receive professional service and expert advice at a flower shop. On the other hand, supermarket employees aren’t usually flower experts, so they won’t be able to provide sound advice on how to store and care for your flowers. With so many other products in the store and so many jobs to do, they also won’t be able to devote the same time and attention to helping you choose the right flowers.

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