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Why Designers Choice?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

So why do we currently only offer designers choice arrangements on the website??? There are a few reasons that we only offer designers choice as an order-able item on this website. The biggest reason is because we are a floral studio not a retail space. This means that instead of having flowers brought in to the studio to hang out waiting for us to use in orders, we actually go to the wholesaler (and garden) to be able to pick the freshest, prettiest most interesting mix of blooms. This allows us to really make sure our clients are receiving the absolute best blooms and value for their money. This is also the reason we only offer next day delivery/pick-up. It gives us the time needed to go and check out the best of the best! The other reason right now is that there are worldwide flower shortages due to the ongoing pandemic and supply chain issues that have come along with it along with some not so great weather that haven't helped matters. What this means is that we don't want to promise a specific flower and then not be able to source it and leave someone disappointed. We do our absolute best to source as many local or Canadian grown blooms as possible but some blooms are only grown in certain parts of the year due to climate/ humidity. The good news is that Whatever you order, you it will be beautiful. If you are ordering and really really REALLY want something specific (or there is an allergy we need to know about, shoot us a quick email. We're happy to try if we can! Happy fall! ​Mel

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