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Why no arrangements of just red roses???

Updated: Feb 10

With Valentines day just around the corner you may be wondering why on our shop page there is not a only red rose arrangement? We've done this intentionally for a number of reasons.

  • There have been industry studies that actually show about 70% of women would actually prefer to NOT receive red roses but instead a beautiful mix of flowers but that their partners who don't necessarily buy flowers regularly tend to default to red roses since they are are usually the first thought that comes to mind for the holiday.

  • They are so easily found from other places for less money then we would be able to offer them, we would rather offer arrangements with more design and a wider range of blooms that our clients love.

  • They are a little boring dare we say? There are so many different options available, check out our mixed roses arrangement for something a little different and step up your game!

Check out our shop for our Valentines Day offerings! There are supply chain issues in this industry so be sure to book as soon as possible, once we are sold out that's it thats all!

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