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The protection of personal information is important to HD Blooms Inc. We have policies and procedures dealing with the protection of privacy. Any questions about this policy can be directed to


Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information 

HD Blooms Inc. does not usually collect personal information from individuals, other than contact information, which is not considered to be personal information under Bill 44 - Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), and may be collected, used and disclosed without consent. In the event that we do collect personal information, that information will only be used by us to administer retail services and activities directly relating to your purchase from our shop. 


This information is collected for billing purposes only. We do not disclose customer information to third parties. 


Storing your Personal Information 

We keep personal information for as long as is necessary for the purpose of your order - deposits, subscription programs. We have appropriate safeguards in place to protect personal information and when we no longer need the information it is destroyed. 


Personal information shall be protected by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. HD Blooms Inc. shall take reasonable precautions against theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying or use. HD Blooms Inc. shall also use care in the destruction of personal information.

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